Environmental Commission

Meetings: Third Tuesday of every month, 7:30 p.m.
Town Hall Meeting Room, 3 Veterans Way

The Colts Neck Environmental Commission shall have the power to:

A. Conduct research into environmental matters affecting the orderly development of Colts Neck, including open space preservation, water resources management, air pollution control, noise control, radiation control, soil and landscape protection, environmental appearance and protection of flora and fauna.

B. Make recommendations to the Planning Board concerning plans and programs for inclusion in the Colts Neck Master Plan and Ch. 102, Development Regulations.

C. Make recommendations as appropriate to the Board of Health.

D. Maintain an index of all open lands and a set of aerial photographs of Colts Neck for reference purposes.

E. Advertise, prepare, print and distribute books, maps, charts, plans and pamphlets which in its judgment it deems necessary for its purposes.

F. Coordinate the activities of unofficial bodies organized for ecological, environmental or similar purposes.

Sue Fitzpatrick, Liaison December 31, 2024
Thomas Pacheco December 31, 2026
Bob Lutkewitte December 31, 2025
Ray Malak December 31, 2025
Thomas E. Hennessy, Jr. - CHAIR December 31, 2025
Theresa Velardi December 31, 2026
Mary Massey December 31, 2024
Dan Buzzetta December 31, 2026

Natural Resources Inventory Updating

The Colts Neck Environmental Commission is in the process of updating the 38-year old Natural Resources Inventory (NRI) which can be viewed here. The Commission is proceeding to do the update with in-house volunteers.  Accordingly, we invite any resident with expertise or interest in environmental issues, the history of Colts Neck, writing and/or editing, or GIS and mapping to assist the Commission in this update.

The NRI is an important tool for the Township Committee, the Environmental Commission, the Farmland and Open Space Committee, the Planning Board, and Zoning Board of Adjustment. The NRI can provide the foundation and documentation for master plan updates, ordinances, legal defense, open space or agricultural protection plans, protection of water resources, and many other municipal functions. 

However, when viewed in broader context there are many other valuable benefits from an NRI.  They include:

  • Helping to educate Township residents about the town that they live in;
  • Providing a resource, a starting place, for students to understand the world around them; and
  • Providing background information on climate change, and how that has impacted Colts Neck in the past, and will continue to impact Colts Neck in the future.

If anyone wishes to assist in the update effort,  email Thomas Hennessey at [email protected], Chairperson of the Environmental Commission.

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