Natural Resources Inventory

Natural Resources Inventory

This document was prepared by the Environmetal Commission in 1983.

Table of Contents



  1. General Description of Colts Neck Township
  2. Land Use
  3. History
  4. Climate
  5. Air Quality
  6. Physiography, Slope & Soil
  7. Drainage
  8. General Geology
  9. Mineral Resources
  10. Hydrology and Lithology
  11. Potable Water Quality
  12. Waste Disposal
  13. Radiation
  14. Plants and Wildlife
  15. Conclusions

Map No. (not yet available)

I Colts Neck Location
II Existing Land Use
III Topography, Physiography
IV Slopes
V Geology-Soils (Regional)
VI Soils With Wet Characteristics
VII Flood Plains
VIII Geologic Maps
IX Subsurface Structure, Top Englishtown Sand

Fig. No. (not yet available)

1 Temperature Means and Extremes
2 Monthly Precipitation
3 Columnar Section
4 North-South Generalized Cross Section

Table No.

I Existing Land Use
II Horse Farms