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The Fire Prevention Bureau is responsible for the enforcement of the New Jersey Uniform Fire Code.  This includes Residential Smoke and CO Detector and Fire Extinquisher inspections and business registration compliance.  The Bureau also issues Fire Safety Permits in connection with bonfires, fireworks displays, food trucks, gas fired generators, tents, and other like. 

Residential Smoke And Carbon Monoxide Detector And Fire Extinguisher Certification

(REQUIRED for Residential Sales and Rentals)

A residential Smoke/CO Detector & Fire Extinguisher Certification Inspection is performed before any residential structure is sold, rented, leased or otherwise made subject to a change of occupancy.  An application shall be completed and submitted when selling or renting a home.  The cost of the Smoke/CO Detector / Fire Extinguisher Compliance Certificate is $50.00.  Fee is made payable to Colts Neck Township.  Once application and fee are received, inspection will be scheduled.  Inspections are made weekly on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s and usually requires a 2-3 week notice. Once issued, the Certificate is good for six (6) months from the date of issuance.

Smoke Detector Inspection Application and Instructions

Fire Official requires prep sheets to be read as part of  as part of application process.  Prep form provides guidance regarding the items to be inspected so that a Smoke Detector/Carbon Monoxide Detector and Fire Extinguisher Compliance Certificate can be issued.

Additional guide and information regarding the items to be inspected for the Smoke Detector Inspection can be found here.

Temporary Mobile Retail Food Establishment Instructions And Application

All Temporary Mobile Retail Food Establishments (FOOD TRUCKS) are required to be licensed by the Colts Neck Township Municipal Clerk.  A Fire Safety Permit is one of the requisites to obtaining this license.  The usual fee (one day permit) for this Type I Fire Permit is $54.00 made payable to Colts Neck Township.  Additional fees may be required based on provisions of the New Jersey Uniform Fire Code.

Fire Safety Permit application

Temporary Mobile Retail Food Establishment Instructions & Application

Business Registration

All businesses in Colts Neck Township are required to register with the Fire Prevention Bureau.  An “Application for Inspection” must be completed by the business owner for the space to be occupied and should include all pertinent information along with emergency phone numbers and contacts.  All information will be kept confidential for emergency Fire and Police Department use only.

The completed application must be submitted once the CCO is issued.  Each space is periodically inspected by a fire inspector (Fire Marshall) as per the New Jersey Uniform Fire Code.  Inspections are conducted not more than once a year.  Once a business has been found to be in full compliance, a Certificate of Inspection is issued and shall be posted in a conspicuous place that is seen at all times.  Fees for this inspection will be determined by the square footage of the space to be occupied and the usage of that space.  The fee is billed at time of inspection.

Business Registration/Inspection form

Fire Safety Permits

The New Jersey uniform Fire Code states: “Permits shall be required and obtained from the local enforcing agency for the activities specified in this section, except where they are an integral part of a Use.   Permits shall at all times be kept in the premises designated therein and shall at all times be subject to inspection by the Fire Official.” (N.J.A.C. 5:70-2.9a))

Fire Safety Permits are issued by the Fire Prevention Bureau for such items like portable gas fired generators, tents, kitchen suppression systems, bonfires, welding and cutting torch usage and the storage of flammable materials. An “Application for Permit” must be completed and submitted for review.  The appropriate fee will then be assessed.  Checks are to be made payable to Colts Neck Township.  A permit cannot be issued until the permit is paid for and an inspection conducted to assure the use and activity for which the application is made complies with the provision of the New Jersey Uniform Fire Code.  Fee schedule for Fire Safety Permits are as follows:

Type 1 Permit $54.00
Type 2 Permit $214.00
Type 3 Permit $427.00
Type 4 Permit $641.00

Fire Safety Permit Application

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