Planning Board

Township Planner

Timothy Anfuso

Phone: (732) 409-7135
Fax: (732) 462-8460
Email: [email protected]

The Planning Board reviews all development applications within the guidelines established in the Master Plan and Development Regulation Ordinance.  The Planning Board updates the Master Plan, as required by law.  The Planning Board coordinates all cross-acceptance procedures pursuant to law.

Meetings: Second Tuesday of the Month, 7:30 p.m.


Sue Fitzpatrick, Class I December 31, 2023
Louis Bader, Class II December 31, 2023
Frank Rizzuto, Class III December 31, 2023
George Corsi, Class IV December 31, 2025
Robert Lutkewitte, Class IV December 31, 2024
Greg Penczak, Class IV December 31, 2024
Scott Stanford, Class IV December 31, 2026
John Tobia, Class IV, Chair December 31, 2026
Kris Lukowitz, Class IV, Vice Chair December 31, 2026
Michael Taeschler Alternate 1 December 31, 2023
Christine Visci, Alternate 2 December 31, 2024
VACANT, Secretary
Timothy Anfuso, Township Planner
Michael B. Steib, Esq., Planning Board Attorney



Administrative Items


PB756 Morabito, Block 9, Lot 17 has been carried to march 14, 2023 without the requirement to renotice

Planning Board General Information

A copy of the Monmouth County Master Plan, adopted by the Monmouth County Planning Board on October 17, 2016, is on file in the Offices of the Township Planner and Township Clerk, at the Monmouth County Library Headquarters, Manalapan, and Eastern Branch, Shrewsbury, and on the Monmouth County website: