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The position of Municipal Clerk is required by New Jersey law (N.J.S.A. 40A: 9-133) to serve as the Secretary to the Mayor and Township Committee, Secretary to the Municipal Corporation, Chief Registrar of Voters, Custodian of Public Records, and the Chief Administrative Officer of Licenses and Permits.

NJ Statutes define the Municipal Clerk’s core duties as:

    • Secretary to the Governing Body
    • Secretary to the Municipal Corporation
    • Administrative and Licensing Officer
    • Election Administrator and Registrar of Voters
    • Custodian of Records

– Effective May 26, 2016, the Police Department has a designated Custodian of Record for all Police Department Records.  If you are requesting Police Department records, please use the portal on the home page of this website
– For OPRA requests for Township records, excluding Police Department records, please use the portal on the home page of this website

The Municipal Clerk issues the following licenses:

  • Mercantile License – All businesses operating within Colts Neck Township must be licensed annually. To apply/renew your business license, see the quick link above.
  • Landlord Certificate of Registration – All 1 and 2 family residential rental properties must be registered with the Municipal Clerk’s Office.  See section below
  • Raffle License – See link below for Instructions on how to apply for a raffle license for events held within Colts Neck Township
  • Temporary Mobile Retail Food Establishment (Food Trucks)
  • Film Permits – By ordinance,  those filming within Colts Neck Township must obtain a permit prior to filming.
  • Special Events Permits – see information in link below
  • Special Sales License (Garage Sale, Auction, Flea Market) – see application in link below
  • Peddlers, Canvassers, Solicitors License: Chapter 168, Municipal Code
  • Licenses governed by the Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission, including but not limited to:
    • Liquor License;
    • Ad-Interim Permit;
    • Extension of Licensed Premises;
    • Social Affairs Permit; and
    • Catering Permit.

For a Street Opening Permit, please contact the Planning Office.

Related Forms and Applications

Landlord Identity Registration Statement

Each time a rental property changes ownership, either through sale or rental to a new tenant, a completed Landlord Identity Registration Statement, One and Two-Unit Dwelling Registration Form, should be filed with the Municipal Clerk’s Office at Town Hall (732-462-5470, x 100), and provided to the new tenant.   In addition, a certificate showing inspection of dwelling (see Building Department, Fire Marshall, Application for 1 and 2 family dwellings) is required.  In addition, water sample testing is required routinely – Contact the Health Officer (732-462-5470, x 109).

Landlord Certificate of Registration and Water Testing Information

Application for 1 and 2 Family Dwellings


For information regarding election dates, voter registration, request a ballot, where do I vote and election results, please visit Monmouth County Votes

If you need further information for your polling location, you may also visit New Jersey Division of Elections

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