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The Township Planning Board reviews all development applications within the guidelines established in the Master Plan and Development Regulation Ordinance.  The Planning Board updates the Master Plan as required by law and coordinates all cross-acceptance procedures pursuant to law.  Click here to visit the Planning Board page for more information.


Some construction permits, specifically those which involve changes to the exterior of a property such as additions, fences, pools, cabanas, decks, fire pits, outdoor kitchens, generators, driveways and sheds require a zoning review before a building permit is issued.  The zoning office works with the community to ensure all zoning regulations are adhered to.   A zoning review requires an application, a zoning fee, and a scaled survey showing the location of the project.  Note:  This is not an exhaustive list of projects that may require a zoning review.  Contact the Zoning Official to ensure your project does not need a zoning review.

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