Recreation Committee

Meetings: Third Monday of the Month, 7:00 p.m.
Town Hall Meeting Room, 124 Cedar Drive

The primary purposes of the Recreation Committee shall be to study the needs of the community, recommend appropriate active and passive recreation programs and facilities when requested by the Township Committee and review the progress of approved recreation programs with the Recreation Director.

The Recreation Committee shall also be empowered to conduct a youth athletic program or programs should private or other nongovernmental organizations not provide such youth athletic program or programs.

J.P. Bartolomeo, Liaison December 31, 2022
John Cantalupo December 31, 2023
Christopher Montalvo December 31, 2022
Kevin O'Connor December 31, 2024
Jacki Kronstedt December 31, 2024
Frank Sikorskas December 31, 2024
Michael Holden December 31, 2023
John Killick December 31, 2024
Brian McNally December 31, 2024
Veronica Sullivan December 31, 2023
John Maguire December 31, 2024
Paul Wild December 31, 2022
Barbara Byrne, Secretary